Admin Login Guide with Username/Passwords

Just like and IP addresses, is a unique IP address that belongs to a 24-bit block of private IP address class. The IP address is dedicated to LANs and used by routers, switches, and modems. In this article, you will learn about the IP address and how you can log in to the router using with the default username and password. is an IPv4 IP address used to connect devices in your local network. But now we have IPv6 IP address for new smart devices.

How to Login to

If you want to access the router admin page then you will need to use the IP address. It is a default gateway used by many router companies that allow users to access the router admin page to configure router settings.

Before using, you have to make sure that there is no IP conflict in your network.

  • First open your web browser on your computer and type or in the address bar.
  • You have to enter the router’s default username and password.
  • Enter your router default username and password if you haven’t changed it. Otherwise, enter your new details.
  • Once done, you will see the router admin page. Here you can change router settings like WiFi name, WiFi password, network IP, and security.

Generally, this address is reserved for private networks and is not accessible from the public internet. However, if you want to access a network from another computer, you can use a dynamic DNS service. If you’re using a router that doesn’t support as its default gateway, you’ll need to set up a password to gain access.

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Find Router’s IP Address

If you are connected with your router and don’t know about your route IP address then here are the steps:

For Windows:

If you are using Windows OS, then open a command prompt tool.

Then type the ipconfig command and press enter. This command will list down all the information related to your network.

type the ipconfig command and press enter

Find default gateway. That’s your router’s IP Address.

For Mac:

If you’re using Mac then use netstat command in the terminal.

More about IP Address

A IP address is a reserved IP address. It’s not visible across the internet. It can only be assigned to a specific organization or service provider unless it’s given to you by the person using the device. It’s a private IP address, and it’s not a public IP address. This IP is not publicly visible to anyone on the internet. Moreover, the address isn’t assigned to an organization unless the person using the device has approved it.

If you’re connecting to a wireless access point, you can try this IP address on your computer. The default network gateway setting on your computer should contain the same IP address. Then, you should check your router’s TCP/IP network gateway settings. Once you’ve made sure your local area network is pointing to the right destination, try pinging the site to verify if it’s recognizing the network.

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