Login, Default Username, Password, and Wireless settings is the private IP address of your router. It is the gateway that your network uses to connect to the internet. The default gateway of your router is You can use this IP address to access your router admin panel. If you want to change anything in your router like router IP address, router name, SSID or password, then you have to access the router admin page.

To do this, you have to find the gateway IP for your router. The default IP address for most of the routers is

In this article, we are going to share how you can use to log in to your router. We will also share the default router username and password. Default Router IP

First of all, you have to check what IP address your router is using. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: First open your browser and then in the URL bar, type If not working, you can try

Step 2: Then press enter. If nothing happens, try another IP which is

Step 3: Next you have to enter username and password to access the router page.

  • Default router username: admin
  • Default router password: admin login guide

Step 4: Once done, you will see the router admin page where you can change router settings.

In this way, you can change the settings of your network. For example, if your router has an admin panel, you can change the settings through the admin panel. You can also change the password of your wireless router. To make sure that your wireless connection is secure, you should set the default password for your WiFi connection. Alternatively, you can contact your ISP for support. This method is not very convenient, but it does work.

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How to Find Router IP Address

If your router is connected with your PC and you want to find the router IP Address then follow this method.

Step 1: Open the command prompt tool. To do this, open the start menu and then search for CMD.

Step 2: Choose the Run as administrator option in the right sidebar.

Step 3: In the command prompt window, type ipconfig command and press enter.

router IP address

This command will list down all network-related information along with the router IP address.

How to Reset Router?

If you forgot your router password then you have only one option and that is reset.

You can reset your router without accessing it. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect your router with a power cable and turn it on.

Step 2: Now find the small reset button behind your router and then press it with a small paper clip or needle.

Step 3: Press and hold all LED lights blink. Once blinks, release the reset button and wait for some time.


Your router will reset and all the data will be removed.

Now you can use the default username and password to log in to your router with 192.168.11 IP address.

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