Admin Login Guide with Username/Passwords IP address Login

Just like and IP addresses, is a unique IP address that belongs to a 24-bit block of private IP address class. The IP address is dedicated to LANs and used by routers, switches, and modems. In this article, you will learn about the IP address and how you can log in … Read more Default Router IP Login and Username/Password Default Router

If you are new to networking or want to set up a new Wireless router then it is very important to understand,, and These all IP addresses belong to the private IP address class. Many networking device manufacturers including routers, switches, or hubs use as the login address. You have to … Read more Default Router IP Address Guide

Almost all of us have upgraded to routers for faster internet connectivity and more bandwidth. But very few of us are familiar with configuring the settings of the particular router we use frequently. Now to configure any router, you have to login into the router. To do that, you have to use private IP addresses … Read more