Windstream Router Login – Find Default User, Password, IP, Reset?

Setting up the Windstream Router Login is a very easy task. When you log in to the router login page, it allows you to access the Windstream Router Configuration page, and there you can make specific changes like Windstream Router Wi-Fi password, SSID, network name, and the other settings.

Router users need to perform and outright the router login and different router setups to access the internet.

Here in this post, we will explain how you can configure your Windstream router, find the default username & default password, and IP address and more.

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What is Windstream Router Login?

If you have a Windstream router and want to connect it to the internet, it is very easy to set up the Router. The default IP address for the Windstream routers is, which you have to use to access the router setup page to modify settings.

Follow these steps to access the Windstream router login page:

Step 1: Turn on your Windstream router and then connect your internet cable to your router. You have to use the Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi to establish the connection from your device, and after connecting successfully, turn on your router.

Step 2: Open the web browser on your computer screen and type the IP address in the URL bar, i.e., and then press the enter key.

Step3: Click on the Home Network tab and then click on the Wireless Settings grey bar down below. After doing so, the Windstream router login page will open.

Step 4: Soon after the login page opens on your screen, enter the router username and password details as below:

  • Default Username – admin
  • Default Password – admin

Step 5: After filling up the credentials, click on the Login button, and then the Windstream Router Settings page will open up. Now you can make the changes as per your requirements and then save the settings before logout.

How to Connect Windstream Router with PC?

Connect Windstream Router with PC

If you want to self-install the Windstream router with your PC, please look at these crucial details.

#1. Unpacking the kit

Open up the router package and check that you have all the necessary equipment such as a Windstream modem/router, Cables, DSL Filters, Instruction manual, and Power cords. Check if all these pieces of equipment are available and not damaged in any way.

#2. Choose a place

Once you have checked all the equipment and every essential component available, the next step is to find a suitable place for the router set up in your home. Generally, you can put the router anywhere inside the house, but it is better to assign a central location to have the absolute service around the house.

#3. Connect the DSL Filter/Splitter

If you have a home phone service, it is vital to add up a DSL filter or Splitter to your phone jack to protect it from signal disseverment. Once you have plugged in the DSL filter or Splitter, get the phone line and connect it to the DSL port. Furthermore, conjoin the home phone wire to the other port on the DSL filter. After completing the procedure, get your Windstream modem and look for the DSL port and attach it to the grey phone cord.

#4. Connect the Modem to Power Supply

After completing the above procedure, connect the power adapter to the modem and, after securing it, plug in the router to the power supply outlet.

#5. Connect the Ethernet Cable

The Windstream routers are mostly used to create a wireless network. However, please opt for a wired setup to activate your account because it is more convenient and reliable than the wireless network. Check the modem for a port called “Ethernet,” When you do, get the YELLOW Ethernet cable, attach one end to the modem port, and another spike at the computer. After completing the procedure, check the DSL and Internet lights on the router. If everything is in order, then the green lights will turn on. Also, remember that it might take some time to turn the lights on. Soon after the lights turn on, you are good to go forward and activate your account. Lastly, check all the cables if they are appropriately connected.

If you want to set up your router using the wireless method, find the default SSID and key on your router’s back and use these details to install the setup.

Windstream Router Login Password Reset

If you face problems while using the internet on the Windstream router, you can reset the router, and it will erase all the personalized settings and configuration. After resetting, you can log in again using the default username and Password. Please follow these simple steps to perform the reset on your Windstream router:

Step 1: Check your router if it’s on. If not, then turn it on.

Step 2: Locate the Reset button on the back of your router.

Step 3: Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds.

Step 4: Now release the button, and your Windstream router will get reset at once.

Now you can log in to your router’s settings page using the default credentials and make changes as per your requirement.


If you have a new router, we hope you don’t have to go through any trouble during login. Also, make sure to check all the settings and equipment while installing the router.

Please note down the required information, login credentials if you are doing it the first time. We hope our post was helpful in your new router installation, and we hope that we have guided you adequately. Thank you for reading our post. 

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