Bridging the online
gender divide in rural India

About Internet Saathi

In 2015, only 1 out of every 10 Internet user in rural India was a woman. Tata Trusts and Google came together to address this huge gender gap and introduced a digital literacy program, based on ‘train the trainer’ model. Women from villages are trained on using the Internet and are made equipped with data-enabled devices. These women are known as Internet Saathis and work as trainers, to help other women in their village to get started on their Internet journey and benefit from it. As of April 2019, there are more than 81,500 Internet Saathis who have helped over 28 million women learn about the Internet across 289,000 villages.

Grassroots To Empowerment

289,000 VILLAGES. 20 STATES.


From Digital Literacy to Digital-Based Economic Opportunities

As we expanded Internet Saathi, the one common factor we discovered across the country was the enterprising nature of the women in the villages and their passion for positive change. This inspired us to work on a model facilitating digital-based livelihood opportunities for the Internet Saathis along with digital literacy to enable them to continue their positive impact on their community. IP address Login
Internet Admin Login Guide with Username/Passwords

Just like and IP addresses, is a unique IP address that belongs to a 24-bit block of private IP address class. The IP address is dedicated to LANs and used by routers, switches, and modems. In this article, you will learn about the IP address and how you can log in

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Internet Default Router IP Login and Username/Password

If you are new to networking or want to set up a new Wireless router then it is very important to understand,, and These all IP addresses belong to the private IP address class. Many networking device manufacturers including routers, switches, or hubs use as the login address. You have to

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Internet Login, Default Username, Password, and Wireless settings is the private IP address of your router. It is the gateway that your network uses to connect to the internet. The default gateway of your router is You can use this IP address to access your router admin panel. If you want to change anything in your router like router IP address,

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BSNL Internet Speed Test

BSNL Internet Speed Test (Broadband Bandwidth Meter Live Test)

If you are not sure if your internet connection is fast enough to use the internet, run the BSNL Speed Test to find out. It is a free tool that will let you know if your connection is fast enough. It will measure your upload and download speed. If you want to know how fast

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Windstream Router Login – Find Default User

Windstream Router Login – Find Default User, Password, IP, Reset?

Setting up the Windstream Router Login is a very easy task. When you log in to the router login page, it allows you to access the Windstream Router Configuration page, and there you can make specific changes like Windstream Router Wi-Fi password, SSID, network name, and the other settings. Router users need to perform and

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Internet Default Router IP Address Guide

Almost all of us have upgraded to routers for faster internet connectivity and more bandwidth. But very few of us are familiar with configuring the settings of the particular router we use frequently. Now to configure any router, you have to login into the router. To do that, you have to use private IP addresses

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